Body Lotion
150 ml

$ 60



This scented body lotion melts delicately into your skin giving a feeling of comfort and softness. The sublime formula has been created using an exclusive selection of vegetable extracts from certified Organic farming, such as Calendula glycolic extract, which leave the skin smooth and toned and aid the reconstruction of the skin’s hydrolipidic layer. Its unique formula, containing 98% natural ingredients, was specially designed for sensitive and delicate skin. It absorbs quickly and soothes irritated or reddened skin. Our face cream leaves behind the gentle scent of Monnalisa’s signature fragrance, with sweet hints of fresh mint and camomile and delicate floral notes of jasmine and frangipani. After sunscreen, body lotion is the most important cream in any daily skincare routine. A natural daily treatment for girls and mums, suitable and indispensable for all skin types especially sensitive skin. We test every production batch to ensure that the product is 100% Nickel-Free as it is one of the heavy metals most frequently responsible for allergic reactions and intolerances. The product has been dermatologically tested, meaning that it has passed all the tests carried out, using verification protocols in the presence of or under the supervision of a dermatologist. The trials test the product’s effect on skin, and with MONNALISA face cream the skin tolerance results were excellent. Target Audience: Girls, Teenagers and Mums. Even if we often associate cosmetics with adults, the care our laboratories have put into researching Monnalisa Perfumes together with our innovative formula make our product beneficial from a young age, as it supports and above all maintains the right balance between PH level and natural hydration of children’s skin. Monnalisa products do not contain any aggressive substances, they leave skin incredibly hydrated and above all they are gentle on skin. Use several times daily. Apply an appropriate amount of the product evenly over the face, then massage lightly until completely absorbed. Active ingredients and benefits: In the earliest years of our life, until around 12 years old, children’s skin is LESS PROTECTED and more exposed than adults’. The Monnalisa body lotion has hydrating, nourishing, anti-oxidizing and soothing properties. Thanks to its natural calming and inflammatory properties, the cream relieves irritated skin leaving it soft and smooth. The fine silky consistency of the cream gives a pleasant feeling of softness and smoothness. It is a natural cream, highly moisturising, quickly absorbed and it is characterised by the presence of: BETAINE, SHEA BUTTER, CALENDULA GLYCOLIC EXTRACT FROM CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARMING, OLIVE OIL WAX AND VITAMIN E. All the products in our skincare line are dermatologically tested, nickel-free and cruelty-free.

製造国: Italy



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